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I present to everyone now... FP3 [Apr. 17th, 2005|04:05 am]
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Here it is in its full, beta'd glory.

Title: Fun Parts 3 - In Which Neo Gets His Back
Author: Masakochan/Videl86
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own Matrix, or anyone of its characters. They are owned by the Wachowski brothers and Warner Brothers.
A/N: Here it is, a year and four months after the original first two 'Fun Parts' fics, which were both equally great (in this author's opinion ;) ). I'd recommend reading those other two first... or at least if anyone wants to know what Neo had to deal with over the night.
Thanks: A huge amount of this goes to Midnight303 and Bagpipes5k who my betas for this fic. Thanks so much for both the crit and suggestions you two! ^_^

http://www.geocities.com/muttering_retreats/funparts.htm <-- Fun Parts by Centuar
http://www.constructfic.org/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=wip;action=display;num=1075273625 <-- FP2 by Danascully


Time: 8 AM (or somewhere around then)

Apparently someone had a real sadistic sense of humor, Neo mused as he walked along one of the catwalks towards an elevator. He hadn't been able to fall asleep at all during the night, considering the fact that during that time, he had been forced the ever-enjoyable task of trying to will a certain 'problem' away. And so, at that very moment, he was slightly irritable to say the least... and frustrated, very frustrated.

He stepped forward into the somewhat-crowded elevator and was about to press one of the numbers on the wall, but saw that it was already lit. The doors closed. After a couple of minutes, some of the stares that Neo was getting were starting to make him feel self-conscious. Thankfully though, the doors slid open, not a moment to soon, and Neo got out. He chewed lightly on the side of his bottom lip as he looked around from where he was standing. 'Which way...'

Neo was about to head down a corridor that he'd never seen before, but someone stopped him by clapping a hand down on his shoulder. Startled, Neo turned around to see who it was.

Sparks. Joy.

"Hey wonderboy, never thought I'd see you in this corner of Zion." Sparks seemed to have a gift for starting conversations.

"This corner of... what do you mean?" Neo asked Sparks as he looked down the corridor.

"Apparently, this is the hangout spot for..." Sparks paused to think for a second, but quickly started up again, "Fangirls, or whatever it is that they're called. And trust me when I say this...they can be quite rabid when they find a new...um...specimen. You don't ever wanna' go down that hall. Seriously...I've heard stories."

Neo swallowed, his eyes widening as he heard a ton of giggling follow what Sparks had said. Sparks saw his nervousness, and deciding to be a good operator, began to lead Neo away from the darkened corridor. A couple of minutes later, as the two walked in silence, Neo took a side-glance at Sparks and could tell the
man was itching to say something. Sure enough...

"So Neo..." Sparks drawled out.

"Yes?" Neo asked, already sensing that this oncoming conversation would probably go into something he would rather not voice out loud, especially with how Sparks started it out.

"I saw Trinity earlier this morning."

"Really...?" One of Neo's eyebrows rose slightly.


Neo could see a smirk beginning to work its way across his face as he continued. "But there was something different about her." Neo made a subconscious noise in his throat, which did not go undetected by Sparks.

"Really...like what?" Neo was slightly curious.

"I mean...yesterday, well, she wasn't exactly in a good mood, to put it lightly. But today, she was practically skippin' and jumpin' around everywhere she went. Something really good must've happened to her..." Sparks let what he'd just said hang for a moment and thought for a second that he saw Neo fidget a little. He smirked as he asked the next question, "Speaking of something... how'd the 'make up' go last night, Ne--"


They stopped and turned around. The person coming towards them was an old man who looked like he was in his sixties. He had on worn, but still official looking robes, his hair was white, and his face had a kind look on it. The latter being one of the main reasons Neo liked, and felt less nervous around him. Also, the other head council members seemed to be colder, less friendly, than him. Neo nodded his head in acknowledgement towards the man. "Councilor Hamann."

"Sparks, Operator of the Logos." Sparks dropped his smirk and nodded in response, respectively.

"Sorry to intrude upon your conversation, but I'm afraid we're going to have to 'borrow' you again, Neo." Hamann chuckled slightly when he saw Neo grimace and added, "Don't worry, I’m sure it won't be as draining as it has been the last few days." Still not relieved, Neo inwardly groaned and after saying a quick goodbye to Sparks, followed Councilor Hamann to the 'less-than-desirable' destination.

'It's gonna be long day,' Neo thought to himself.


Several hours later found Neo walking slowly towards his and Trinity's apartment, trying to organize his thoughts over what had went on in the latest meeting. More questions, tests. 'How did you do this? What's your strategy? Do you have one?' It was enough to drive someone crazy. By the time he had finished mulling over this, Neo noticed he was at the door.

Twisting the handle and pushing forward, Neo walked into the room. He spotted Trinity sitting on the bed, leaning against the wall as she read a worn and tattered-looking book. He pushed the door shut and she looked up, closing the book.

"Good story?" Neo asked as he got closer to the bed. Trinity nodded in response and got up as soon he had sat on the bed, then walked over and laid the book down on the table that was located near the door. While she did this, Neo took off his boots and put them on the floor, then leaned back against the wall watching
Trinity as she scavenged around in the apartment for whatever she was looking for. He had no idea what it was, but he could tell that she had this small smile on her lips as she looked around. Like she knew something that he didn't. He really wanted to know what it was that she was hiding.

Trinity took note of his questioning look and inwardly smirked. Well...she couldn't exactly just shove aside the memory of what had gone on last night. She could handle the thought of the blindfold, but when Trinity had walked past the greenhouse on Level Seventeen that morning, she saw a bush on the inside covered with...roses. She inwardly shuddered as short memories of the night before and what had been involved came to mind, then shook the feeling off quickly. Neo, on the other hand, could have sworn that he had almost seen Trinity's face turn red, but then he couldn't really remember the last he'd ever seen her blush. Well, then again...there had been that one time on the Neb...


He was lying down on his bed in his compartment and trying to get a little bit of rest. He could hear some conversation going on in the room next to his when he heard a harsh whisper that sounded something like, "Switch!" It wasn't really hard to hear whatever was going on in the ship since its nickname was 'The Flying Tin Can'. Or at least, that's what some people called it. He had gotten off of his bed and walked over to the door. He cringed slightly as he heard the screech of the rusty hinges when he opened up the door just enough so he could peek out and see what was going on. Switch and Trinity had just walked out and were standing in the hall, from what he could tell, right next to the room. He opened the door a little wider and poked his head out, seeing that they hadn't noticed him yet.

All of a sudden he saw Switch turn her head a little, and she spotted him. Neo’s eyes widened for a second and he ducked back into his room, making sure to leave the door wide open enough so as to hear more of the conversation. He almost thought for a second that he had seen her smirk. When he thought he heard them
whispering some more, Neo stuck his head back out. Switch's voice drifted down to where he was. But this time--louder.

"Remember what I told you last time Trinity...when we find this one...try not to make too much noise." He had wondered what noise Switch had been talking about as she started up again. "Or at least try and use your hands, if you aren't too distracted..." He might've not been that great at picking up on some things back in the Matrix, but he could've sworn that Switch was teasing Trinity, although not in a harsh manner.

Neo wasn't able to hide fast enough this time as Switch caught him staring back at them. The teasing smile on her face had grown when she had spotted him. "Oh, hey Neo. Hear anything interesting?" Her eyes were darting back and forth between him and Trinity, as if waiting for a good reaction. He could see Trinity's face over Switch's shoulder. There was a slight red tint to her cheeks, as she stared at him, and her eyes had gone wide. He shook his head and answered, "No. I was just...um..." Trinity blinked a few times, her face lost the redness, and her gaze shifted back to Switch. He pulled his head back inside, and shut the door...


Neo’s attention shot back to the present as he saw Trinity walking towards him, one hand behind her back, the other hanging by her side. She sat down on the bed causing a section of it to sink under her weight. He turned his head tothe side to face Trinity and saw her staring at him. Neo heard a slight rustle of cloth and looked down at her lap to see the edge of some cloth sticking out from Trinity’s curled up hand. He lifted his gaze back up to her face and asked, "What's with the fabric?" Trinity softly muttered under her breath something that sounded like, "You'll find out soon enough."

Trinity lifted her other hand, and with her index finger pointing down, she moved it in a slow circular motion. "Turn around." One of Neo's eyebrows rose slightly at this, but he complied with what she said. He uncrossed his legs and stretched them out in front of him, wincing as he heard a 'popping' noise come from his right knee.

Both of Neo’s hands lay in his lap as he looked back over his shoulder at Trinity, but she shook her head at him, and he went back to staring at the wall. Trinity opened her hand. She unfurled the strip of cloth, and then grabbed onto both of its ends.

Neo sat silently, wondering what she was doing behind his back when his eyes got covered up by a piece of fabric. 'What the...oh...' His memory rewound to the part where he'd first seen the cloth sticking out of her hand.

Neo was slightly nervous now since the blindfold was on. It was due to some of the barely-remembered memories from his childhood in the Matrix. The main one that stood out though was about a game of hide-and-seek he'd 'played' with some of the bigger boys in his neighborhood. But playing hide-and-seek didn't normally involve hiding in a small closet; especially not when the seeker and his friends leave that person hiding in the closet for over 5 hours with a blindfold on....in a house that is supposedly haunted.

Neo mentally shook his head. 'This is Trinity, I can't imagine her even doing something so childish as that--'

His thought process came to a complete halt when a wrench got thrown into it. That wrench being Trinity, who had just placed a light kiss on his neck near the hollow between his neck and collar bone, and was starting to go upwards, leaving a light trail of fire under Neo’s skin wherever she laid her lips next. His eyes widened behind the blindfold, and there was quiet intake of breath when she nipped on his earlobe then took it into her mouth and gently sucked on it. His heart rate sped up a little at this, and he nearly groaned out loud with frustration when she quit suddenly.

"Lift your arms." Neo shivered slightly after Trinity whispered this into his right ear, then lifted his arms when she started to pull the hem of his shirt up. She quickly took his thread-bare sweater and chucked it over into the laundry-hamper. Goosebumps appeared on his skin, from where some of the cool air was getting to it.

Trinity got up from where she had been sitting behind Neo, took about two or three steps on the floor, then got back onto the bed, only with her facing him this time. She quickly took off her boots and let them drop to the floor next to bed. The same action with her shirt, except when Trinity tossed it, it ended up landing on the worn-out chair in the corner of the room.

The next item to go was Neo's pants, which she ended up pulling off slowly, letting them drop to the floor.

Then, she placed a hand on Neo's chest and pushed him backwards until he was lying sideways across the bed, legs hanging over the side, his hips nearing the edge.

All of a sudden she heard, "Trinity?"

"Shhh..." she whispered to him, her voice commanding, yet gentle. Trinity bent down in front of Neo, her knees and shins resting on the rough-textured floor, and with her hands holding his hips down, placed her lips on him.

Neo's head jerked back against the wall, but he didn't feel the pain, mouth dropping open in shock. He had never imagined Trinity ever doing something like this. His eyes were clenched shut, and he almost altogether stopped breathing when she took only half of him into her mouth. If anything...she was his goddess, and here she was...giving him a blo..he couldn't say that...it just sounded so...dirty and...What was that expression he had heard her say one time? Oh yeah...porno.

Neo soon had a death-grip on the material that covered the bed with his hands, both of them turning white from tension. His heart was pounding against his chest, almost as if it were trying to escape. He bit the inside of his cheek when he felt Trinity’s tongue slide over him again. He let go of the sides of the bed and reaching forward, interwove his fingers through Trinity’s hair. It was so soft...so very soft. He wondered if it had always been that way.

Trinity could feel his body start to tense up, and she pulled away before he could come. She loosened the grip that she had on his hips and moved back to where her face would be even with his. Placing both hands on the sides of Neo's head, she bent her head down and kissed him slowly.

When she pulled away, Neo asked quietly, his voice trembling slightly, "T-Trinity?"

"Yes?" Trinity answered, smiling softly.

"Can I--you--I mean, you know..." He stumbled over his words, trying to get out what he wanted to say, but just couldn't seem to. So, instead Neo reached up and placed his hands over Trinity’s, but then stretched his fingers out so he get a slight grip on the strip of cloth that was blinding him from seeing her.

She got his idea and moved her hands behind his head, letting out a quiet laugh when their hands clashed together trying to get to the same thing.

Trinity finished untying the knot quickly and tossed the blindfold over the side of the bed, then looked back down at Neo's face. The pupils of his eyes were like tiny black holes, the black nearly swallowing the brown whole. His breathing had slowed down a little, but not by much.

Before she did anything else, Trinity stood up and quickly took her pants off, then got back on the bed, where they both moved around until Neo was lying down completely (not sideways this time) with Trinity on top.

She cupped his face in her hands and kissed him slowly and purposefully, as she had begun to feel a warm fire begin to burn within her. Neo let out a quiet moan when Trinity ground her hips against his.

Then, Trinity lifted her body off of Neo’s and with one arm supporting herself, she reached down between the two of them and guided him into her. Neo's breath rattled in his throat and he let out a shaky breath. With her body adjusting, Trinity laid her forehead on his, and looked into his deep, brown eyes.

"Trin..." Neo whispered. He tried to say, 'I love you, yet I still can't figure out what it was that I did to deserve you', but the words seemed to be miles away at the time.

Somehow Trinity heard the words that he wanted to say, and said, "Love you too Neo." With that being said, she lifted her body up and came down hard. Neo cried out, his voice sending a stimulating rush of fire through Trinity's groin and all through her body. She soon began to speed up, the firestorm within her trying to break free and consume both of them. Trinity wrapped her arms around Neo, her nails making imprints in his skin, but he was too far gone in mind to feel the pain. His face was buried in the crook of her neck placing wet kisses everywhere that was within access to him, when Neo suddenly felt her inner muscles clench around him. He sucked in a deep breath and bit down, lightly, on her shoulder. Trinity hissed his name through her clenched teeth, and rotated her hips against his, setting him off into a supernova of oblivion.

"Trinity!" Neo let out with a gasp.

Through the lasting effects of his orgasm, he could feel Trinity tighten her embrace around him as he shivered. Only a couple seconds later did she follow. Neo returned her previous gesture by trying to hug her body closer to him, if it were even possible, as she started to tremble.

After a few minutes, which was almost like an eternity for the both of them, Trinity lifted her head up from where it had been in the crook of Neo's neck, and kissed him on the temple. She rolled off of him and moved her body around, so that her back was facing the wall. Neo turned his head slowly to the side to see Trinity looking at him, her eyebrows raised slightly, and a small smile playing on her lips.

"So...what did you think of the repayment?" she asked him, somewhat amused.

"Repayment..." Neo’s voice was slightly husky since the sandman's specialty--sleep--was starting to invade his mind. A tiny smirk formed on his mouth, not to mention the barely-visible blush that now stained his cheeks.

"I'd have to say...I think we're even now." Neo smiled and placed a kiss on the tip of Trinity’s nose.

He was suddenly overcome by the urge to yawn, and did so, his jaw making a cracking sound in the process.Trinity yawned too, but it came out as more of a tired sigh. Through his half-lidded gaze, as Neo watched her, he felt a sudden urge to tell her something.

"Trin?" He whispered.

"Hmm?" Tired, cerulean-blue eyes looked back at him, wondering what he wanted to say. Neo brought his arms around her and drew her warm body to him, legs to the point of intertwining, chest to chest, but not in a need for passionate exchange. Just to be close to her.

"Someday, when this war is over... I'm going to show you the sky. No matter what it takes." He swallowed after saying this; an unwanted sense of ‘something was going to happen’ fell upon him. Trinity, whose eyes were closed by now, mumbled, "That'd be nice." She let out a slow breath, then slipped into the welcome arms of sleep.

Neo lay there, his dark eyes gazing at her face, noting the air of contentment it held. He mentally added, 'I promise, Trin...Even if I have to blow up a whole goddamn squid army to do it.' Neo nodded at what he had just thought while at the same time praying that it wouldn't come down to that last part. And with those thoughts in mind, Neo followed Trinity's example and drifted off into sleep.


A/N: If anybody got confused on the part "His thought process came to a complete halt when a wrench got thrown into it." Here's the explanation: remember how in the old cartoons a thought bubble would appear in front of someone's head to show what was going on in their mind, and sometimes a bunch of factory machinery would show up... that's kinda' what I had in mind when I wrote that part.


[User Picture]From: angelordevil85
2005-04-18 02:12 am (UTC)
absolutely fan-flaming-tastic - well worth the 16 month wait.
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[User Picture]From: masakochan
2005-07-28 04:11 am (UTC)

Hey, think I should try put this puppy up on ff.net... only with an R rating instead?
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From: (Anonymous)
2005-05-09 03:04 am (UTC)

Thank you thank you

That was great! I'm atrinityfan (I was part of the Hardline Tavern on the old board) and I can't remember my password right now...

I was so looking forward to FP3 and you haven't disappointed. I hope you keep writing.
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