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The Hardline Tavern

For Shooting Pool, Drinks, Or Just The Breeze

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Red pill, blue pill...
Try a beer bong instead!

This is the place for fun-loving Matrix fans to kick back,
relax, and take a walk on the goofy side. Rant, chatter,
debate, post fic, share fanart, hatch conspiracy theories,
or do whatever else floats your boat. Serious discussion
is certainly welcome, but nothing is too crazy, and there's
no such thing as off topic.

As a Livejournal community, this place is designed for
use by LJ users, but if you don't have a journal,
you can still participate. Only registered LJers may actually
start new topics ((I cannot change this, or else I would)), but
anonymous responses are enabled, so LJ-less fanboys and fangirls can
post replies and therefore participate in already active threads.

Enjoy ^_^

-- ElectricKitsune

Please note: This is an uncensored community.
No post will be deleted unless it is downright illegal or it somehow
poses an actual threat to someone's personal safety.